Government announces new ‘Amber’ list measures

Airplane landing on the runway at sunset

The UK government today announced that as of 0400 July 19th, there will be changes to requirements for UK residents returning from ‘Amber’ list countries to England.

Any fully vaccinated (14 days+) residents returning from an ‘amber’ list country will enter the UK under the following rules.

1. No longer need to self-isolate

Fully vaccinated residents will not need to self-isolate on returning to the UK.

2. Be exempt from taking a ‘Day 8’ test

Fully vaccinated residents will also be exempt from taking a day 8 test.

Travellers can prove their vaccination status using the NHS COVID Pass. Children under the age of 18 will not need to self-isolate.

3. Be able to take ‘Day 2’ test ‘on arrival’

International arrivals from green and amber countries do not have to wait until Day 2 to take their first PCR test.

In addition, the UK Government Website states that the first test on arrival can be “taken on or before day 2”. This means that passengers can test at the airport immediately on arrival.


This opens up many more destinations for fully vaccinated UK residents, without the need to quarantine upon return. Indeed, this includes many popular holiday hotspots such as France, Spain, Greece, Portugal.

Prior to a trip, all travellers are reminded to check the Government Website for specific country entry requirements. In addition, they should be checking for mandatory testing where required.

Airlines will be serving more Green and Amber destinations, based on the most recent traffic light categorisation.


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