Travelling from England? You’ll need to complete a Travel Declaration Form


As part of the PM’s roadmap for travel, the Department for Transport has advised there is a new requirement for anyone travelling from England.

From 4am Monday 8th March, any passenger, over 18 years of age, leaving England must have completed a Travel Declaration Form. Note that this does not include those departing from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Failure to provide a form will result in the traveller being challenged by Police. They may also face a £200 penalty, and possibly a second £200 penalty for breaching the stay at home requirements.

The Government are asking airline and shipping companies staff to check for this form at check-in, whether in person or online.

Given the short notice, this may not be available for online check-in before Monday with some operators. So, it may be advisable to complete offline for the time-being.

Travellers should print a copy of the completed form or save it to a mobile phone or other device.

This form is set to be required until International Travel restarts. There are unlikely to be any exemptions, except for airline crew.

For more information, and to download the form visit the Government Website.


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