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easyJet Cyber Breach – Nine Million Customers Affected

EasyJet has admitted that a “highly sophisticated cyber-attack” has affected approximately nine million customers.

Whilst the risk of identity theft is low, if you have booked or travelled on easyJet, and have provided your personal details online, then we would recommend taking a few steps to ensure your safety and minimise the risk of fraudulent activity.

Be Aware of Phishing attacks

  • Criminals may use your personal details to target you with convincing emails, text messages, or phone calls

  • Do not provide any personal or financial details unless you have initiated contact with easyJet directly using the numbers or forms on the easyJet website

Check your bank/credit card statements

  • If you notice any unusual activity contact your bank/credit card company immediately to place a hold on your card

Change your passwords

  • Ensure that the password you use for easyJet website is not the same as your banking passwords

  • Consider using a password manager. We can point you in the direction of trusted providers

Contact MIDAS Travel

  • Our Head of IT is monitoring the situation and would be delighted to discuss your concerns.

  • Email cst@midas-travel.com or phone us on 0207 440 5300


Further information can be found on Action Fraud’s website

Rail – Seat Reservations Required from 18 May 2020

Advice for Travellers Using LNER and Avanti West Coast Services from Monday 18 May 2020:

Avanti West Coast

From Monday 18 May 2020, Avanti West Coast is strongly recommending that all passengers who are booking tickets on their services should also make a seat reservation on the train(s) of their choice even if a flexible fare type is being selected. For more information, please contact your MIDAS consultant.


It will be mandatory to have a seat reservation on your train of choice to be able to travel.

Travellers booking a flexible fare type through Evolvi should make a seat reservation on the service they intend to travel on. Advance fares enforce a seat reservation automatically. Although coupons will print with seat reservation details, travellers should ignore these details as they will not currently be correct, board the train and choose a seat once on-board observing social distancing. To do this LNER advise:-

  • Use window seats

  • One person to a row

  • Use alternate sides of the train

  • Avoid facing passengers

  • Wear face covering

If travellers already have a ticket with LNER but do not have a seat reservation, or if they wish to change a seat reservation, then they are advised to do this by contacting your MIDAS consultant.

National Rail Travel Advice

National Rail companies need you to continue to follow the latest advice from government and public health officials.

As we move into the next phase of the nation’s response, there will be more people needing to travel by train and we need your help to keep services clear for those who need them the most.
Because of the need to maintain social distancing wherever possible, even with more frequent trains than we have been running in recent weeks and in many cases extra carriages, like all forms of public transport our capacity to carry passengers will be reduced. In the case of rail, we will be able to carry around 10% of our usual passengers.
Before you set out please ask yourself if your journey is essential. If it is, please cycle, walk or drive if you can – only travel by rail if you really have to.
If you do need to use the train, help us get you safely wherever you need to go by following the recommended guidance.

Before your journey make sure you plan ahead:

  • Buy your ticket through your Travel Management Company

  • Travel during Off-Peak Hours if you can

  • Allow extra time for your journey

  • Please wear a face covering

  • Carry hand sanitiser and wash your hands before and after travelling

Train companies will do everything possible to keep passengers safe, including;

  • more frequent and thorough cleaning than normal on trains and at stations

  • giving clear safety guidance on journeys and at stations, and

  • make extra train carriages available whenever possible.

If your journey is necessary and you need to travel by National Rail, please remember that stations may be busy and leave plenty of time for your journey.

You should also follow public health advice; if you need to cough or sneeze please “Catch it, Bin it, Kill it” and if you or the people you live with have symptoms of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), you should stay at home.

Please travel responsibly and follow the guidance which will help us help you travel safely.

Airline Coronavirus notifications and travel policies

MIDAS Travel is keeping abreast of Coronavirus notifications and travel policies issued by airlines.

Below is an alphabetical list of airline information pages that will be frequently updated during this pandemic.

Please Note:

MIDAS Travel is not responsible for the information provided on these external links, which are maintained by the respective airlines

Our team remains available to assist you 24/7 via telephone (+44 (0) 207 440 5300), via your usual team email, or between 1800-0830 and all day on weekends please use ooh@midas-travel.com

Airline Link
Aeromexico https://www.aeromexico.com/en-us/notifications-for-passengers
Air Canada https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/book/travel-news-and-updates/2020/china-travel.html
Air China https://www.airchina.us/US/GB/info/news/
Air France https://www.airfrance.fr/FR/en/common/page_flottante/hp/news-air-traffic-air-france.htm
Air New Zealand https://www.airnewzealand.com/travel-alerts
ANA https://www.ana.co.jp/en/jp/topics/notice200127/
Asiana https://flyasiana.com/C/GB/EN/customer/notice/detail?id=CM202002030001195030
Austrian Airlines https://www.austrian.com/Info/Flightinformation/Travel%20Alerts.aspx?sc_lang=en&cc=US
British Airways https://www.britishairways.com/travel/flightops/public/en_gb?p_faqid=7982
Cathay Pacific https://www.cathaypacific.com/cx/en_US/travel-information/travel-preparation/travel-advisories/important-information-for-cathay-pacific-and-cathay-dragon-passengers.html?cxsource=roller
China Airlines https://www.china-airlines.com/us/en/discover/news/travel-advisory?travelAlert=36257-7030
China Eastern https://us.ceair.com/newCMS/us/en/content/en_News/TravelAlert/202001/t20200124_13814.html
China Southern https://global.csair.com/US/GB/GYNH/NEWC?NEWS_CATEGORY=596&SELECTED_NEWS_ID=news20200131
Delta https://www.delta.com/us/en/advisories/other-alerts/coronavirus-travel-updates
EasyJet https://www.easyjet.com/en/policy/coronavirus
Emirates https://www.emirates.com/us/english/help/travel-updates/#3511
Etihad https://www.etihad.com/en-us/
Eva Air https://www.evaair.com/en-us/about-eva-air/news/travel-news/2020-01-24-wuhan-coronavirus.html
Finnair https://www.finnair.com/pt-en/flight-information/travel-updates
Garuda Indonesia https://flygarudaindonesia.com/news
Hainan Airlines https://www.hainanairlines.com/HUPortal/dyn/portal/DisplayPage?COUNTRY_SITE=US&SITE=CBHZCBHZ&LANGUAGE=US&PAGE=NEWS
Hong Kong Airlines https://www.hongkongairlines.com/en_HK/special_news/detail?id=10005576701
Iberia https://www.iberia.com/us/latest-update-of-our-flights/
Jetstar https://www.jetstar.com/au/en/travel-alerts#Change%20Fees%20waived%20on%20international%20flights
Japan Airlines https://www.jal.co.jp/jp/en/info/2020/inter/200127_02/index.html
KLM https://www.klm.com/travel/us_en/prepare_for_travel/up_to_date/flight_update/index.htm
Korean Air https://www.koreanair.com/global/en/booking/schedule-flight.html?flight#flight
LOT Polish Airlines https://www.lot.com/us/en/travel-information
Lufthansa https://www.lufthansa.com/de/en/flight-information
Malaysia Airlines https://www.malaysiaairlines.com/hq/en/advisory/coronavirus-entry-restrictions.html
Philippine Airlines https://www.philippineairlines.com/en/aboutus/newsandevents
Qantas https://www.qantas.com/agencyconnect/gb/en/agency-news/agency-news-january-20/coronavirus-travel-update.html
Qatar Airways https://qatarairways.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006229097-COVID-19-Coronavirus-Update
Royal Brunei Airlines https://www.flyroyalbrunei.com/australia/en/travel-and-health-advisory/
SAS https://www.flysas.com/gb-en/traffic-information/message/
Singapore Air https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/media-centre/news-alert/?id=is5rire4
South African Airways https://www.flysaa.com/manage-fly/before-flying/health
SWISS https://www.swiss.com/us/en/various/Breaking-News
TAP https://www.flytap.com/en-gb/alerts-and-informations
Thai Airways https://www.thaiairways.com/en_TH/news/news_announcement/news_detail/coronavirus.page
Tiger Airways https://tigerair.com.au/information-coronavirus
Turkish Airlines https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/announcements/coronavirus-outbreak/
Virgin Atlantic https://flywith.virginatlantic.com/gb/en/news/coronavirus.html
Virgin Australia https://www.virginaustralia.com/au/en/bookings/flight-status/travel-alerts/



MIDAS Travel’s COVID-19 Coronavirus update

Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic MIDAS Travel has invoked its Business Continuity Plan, putting in place measures to ensure we are best prepared to continue to maintain high service levels and availability to our clients throughout this period.

Our priority is, and has always been, to protect the welfare of all travellers and colleagues at all times.

MIDAS Travel is pro-actively doing everything we can to minimise risk, and have taken onboard recommendations from Public Health England, the NHS, UK Government, the WHO and the FCO.

Due to our recent infrastructure investments, MIDAS Travel Staff have seamlessly transitioned to remote working. We would like to assure you that your data remains secure at all times, and risk assessments have been carried out over the past 12 months in preparation for an event such as this. No new supplier engagement was required to effect this change.

MIDAS Travel’s Covid-19 planning group meets daily to monitor and respond to the evolving situation. We will continue to digest, filter and communicate essential messages from airlines, hoteliers, rail operators and any other ancillary service suppliers that may affect the wellbeing of your travellers.

We will continue to provide our valued clients and supplier partners with updates on any additional measures that we put in place regarding this changing situation.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the MIDAS Travel Client Service Team (Nicola Cox and Jon San Jose) on +44 (0) 207 440 5335  or via email to cst@midas-travel.com

Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and advice

MIDAS Travel is actively monitoring multiple information sources related to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China.

Travellers whose plans may be impacted, through postponement or cancellation of booked services, have been notified.

For new enquiries, a process is in place to inform travellers or their travel bookers of the potential impacts for travel to affected areas.

The latest advice for travellers is published on the gov.uk website – which is updated frequently.

Should you have any questions or concerns about how Coronavirus (COVID-19) may affect your travel plans please do not hesitate to contact MIDAS Travel.

CBI Brexit Preparedness Advice – July 2019

With an increasingly likely prospect of the UK leaving the EU with no deal, The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has warned the government that neither the UK nor the EU is ready for a no-deal Brexit on 31 October, and has published a report “What Comes Next? The Business Analysis Of No Deal Preparations” which advises what measures businesses can take to reduce the worst effects..

The report can be viewed at https://www.cbi.org.uk/articles/what-comes-next-the-business-analysis-of-no-deal/


Brexit Advice – March 2019

**Advice Updated: 0800 on 11 April 2019**

On 10 April 2019 the EU and UK have agreed a new timeline;

  • A Brexit extension “only as long as necessary” and “no longer than 31 October” to allow for the ratification of the withdrawal agreement
  • The UK “must hold the elections to the European Parliament” and if it fails to do this, the UK will leave on 1 June
  • The European Council reiterates there can be no reopening of the withdrawal agreement negotiations

In the event of a no-deal Brexit there could be significant impact on your travel management programme.

The guidelines below will help you make decisions to minimise disruption for your business and crucially for your travellers.

The official UK Government Guidelines can be found at https://euexit.campaign.gov.uk/

Border Controls

From the date the UK leaves the EU there could be significant disruption at borders when travelling between the UK and the EU.

Passport and security queues designated for EU nationals might not be able to be used by UK passport holders, and vice versa. New customs arrangements at ports and airports might similarly cause knock-on delays.
Travellers should allow additional time in their travel plans for increased passport and security checks, as well as the impact of knock-on delays when travelling between the UK and the EU.

Visa-free travel throughout the Schengen Area may no longer be permitted for travellers on a UK passport, depending on whether the UK is designated as a third country for the purposes of the Schengen Area or added to the list of exempt countries. It is expected that, should the UK be designated as a visa free country, authorisation to enter the Schengen Area will be through the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), effective from 2021.

Air Transport

As of the withdrawal date, the UK will automatically cease to be covered by air transport agreements of the EU. The majority of UK passenger traffic is regulated by air services agreements negotiated at an EU level. These agreements cover intra-EU air traffic as well as the UK’s links with certain third countries such as the USA. Continuation of these services depends on the UK securing the necessary access rights. Grounding most flights in and out of the UK is clearly not an option. The Commission and the UK Government have therefore discussed a “bare-bones” agreement in the event of a ‘no deal’ which would allow the continuation of direct flights between the EU and the UK and possible access rights for relevant third countries during a transition period.

Rail Transport

Travel on Eurostar and Eurotunnel will continue to run even if there’s no deal. Travellers should allow extra time for travel as there are likely to be increased border control checks.

Ferry Transport

Even if there’s no deal, ferries and cruises will continue to run. Travellers should allow extra time for travel as there are likely to be increased border control checks.

Passports and Visas

Passport validity periods might also change. UK passport holders should make sure their passports have at least 6 months validity remaining on the date they arrive in the EU and any adult passport older than 9 years and 6 months may not be accepted for entry into the EU.

Driving Licences

Drivers from the UK may need a different international driving permit (IDP) to drive abroad.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, UK drivers may also need an IDP and extra documentation to drive in the EU and EEA.

The official UK Government Guidelines can be found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/prepare-to-drive-in-the-eu-after-brexit

Travel Insurance and Health

Whether there’s a deal or not, you should always get appropriate travel insurance with healthcare cover before you go abroad. If there’s no deal, your EHIC card may not be valid.

Data Protection

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has set out 6 steps and further guidance your business should take to prepare for EU exit in a no deal scenario.

You should:

  1. Continue to comply with GDPR rules and follow ICO guidance.
  2. Review your data flows into the UK from the EEA and consider the GDPR safeguards you will need to put in place.
  3. Review your data flows from the UK so that you can document the new basis for these transfers under UK transfer rules.
  4. If you operate across Europe, you should assess how the UK’s exit from the EU will affect the data protection regimes that apply to you.
  5. Review the privacy information and internal documentation that you hold to identify any details that will need updating.
  6. Make sure that key people in your organisation are aware of these issues and include these steps in any planning for leaving the EU.


The EU rules on VAT will no longer apply as of the withdrawal date. However, the impact on the taxation treatment of services provided by MIDAS Travel will be minimal as the main VAT ‘place of supply’ rules will continue to apply in broadly the same way for UK businesses that they do now. Clients will continue to receive UK compliant VAT invoices from MIDAS Travel.

If the UK leaves the EU without an agreement, UK business will no longer have access to the EU VAT refund system. UK businesses will be able to claim refunds of VAT from Member States using the existing processes for non-EU businesses. This process varies across the EU and businesses will need to make themselves aware of the processes in the individual countries where they incur costs and want to claim a refund.

Data Roaming & Call Charges

The UK Government has provided guidelines in the event of a no-deal Brexit

In the event that we leave the EU without a deal, the costs that EU mobile operators would be able to charge UK operators for providing roaming services would no longer be regulated after  the withdrawal date. This would mean that surcharge-free roaming when you travel to the EU could no longer be guaranteed. This would include employees of UK companies travelling in the EU for business.


General Disruption

We anticipate that in the event of a no deal Brexit there will be a considerable level of disruption at borders. The wider impacts are not yet known. MIDAS Travel advises keeping up-to-date with breaking news nearer to the withdrawal date. We will notify travellers of any known disruption to their services. MIDAS Travel monitors traveller movements and supplier notifications 24/7/365.

Contact MIDAS Travel

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager by phone or email