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No. You can book travel offline via phone, email or booking form.

Fine tuning a travel policy and integrating it into your booking processes provides much more transparency for your travel programme. Integrated approval tools can control costs at point of booking and help drive compliance.

Even a basic policy can assist when it comes to cost control, budgets and forecasting. As well as maintaining Duty of Care and effective expense management.

If you have employees travelling on behalf of your business, then it is best practice to use a Travel Management Company. From securing the best fares and rates, to Duty of Care and 24/7 support, an effective managed travel programme benefits your HR, Finance, Booker and traveller community alike.

Like any travel booking tool, TMC’s charge booking and management fees. A travel agent will be able to find more competitive rates, and avoid costly mistakes so you will have tighter control over budgets and save more money overall.

A travel management service is flexible and offers as much or as little support as required. We work with travel bookers to support them in their role, equally we can act as a travel booker should your company not have an internal resource.

As part of the Focus Partnership and the Advantage Network, MIDAS Travel is able to offer enhanced buying power to your programme. Working together provides access to the most competitive rates and fares.

Yes. Any loyalty programmes will be incorporated into the policy and maximised to provide greatest benefit to the traveller as well as the wider business.

Pricing is calculated based on travel spend, size of programme and offline/online booking split. For detailed pricing, please contact our sales team.

Ancillary services such as VIP Fastrack, private jet charter and Meet & Greet can be booked as part of a standard trip. As well as Passport & Visa, Foreign Exchange and Concierge. Additionally, MIDAS Travel also offers Executive Leisure, Meetings & Events and Group Travel.