How quality checking safeguards personal data at Travel Management Company

Personal data secured by ICO

MIDAS Travel commits to keeping the personal data of our clients safe at all times. We are regularly audited by an accredited body, and confirm that we are certified and included on the ICO Register.

What does being ICO certified mean for personal data?

In order to deliver premium business travel, it is sometimes necessary for us to process the personal data of our clients. Our customer safety is a priority at MIDAS Travel, so we have taken steps to ensure the highest level of protection standards.

Certification is a way for MIDAS Travel to demonstrate compliance with UK GDPR. The criteria is approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and can cover a specific issue or be more general. An accredited certification body has assessed and approved MIDAS Travel, and we have been issued with a certificate accordingly.

Benefits of certification

Our personal data security certification confirms that our business:

  • demonstrates we take data protection seriously
  • reassures our partners we have measures in place to protect their data
  • shows we are assessed against specific GDPR requirements

Our ICO certification forms part of our larger quality commitment to you. To find out more about the measures we put in place to assure our systems and processes, click here.


Should MIDAS Travel clients wish to find out more, please contact your travel team. For any other enquiries, please get in touch.