How to check your travel programme is Brexit-ready

Brexit changes for business travel

As of 2021, the UK will have completed its transition phase and we will no longer be part of the European Union. Brexit will impact your business, as well as your corporate travel programme. Here are the newest changes.

According to Government guidelines, there are key areas where your travel programme could be affected.


End-to-end travel

Do you have the right documents?
You may need to update your travel documents including passports, visas and insurance. As a result, border control may take longer with increased checks and travellers not being able to use the e-gates.


Do you need a different kind of visa for travelling in 2021?
Visa requirements may change for your destination country. Visas or permits may be required for longer stays for business travel, study or work.

Passport validity

Is your passport still valid in 2021?
Travellers will still need to have 6 months left from the expiry date. Travellers won’t be able to use the biometric e-gates from Jan 2021, and British passport holders will be in the ‘other nationals’ queue.


Do you have the right travel and healthcare insurance for 2021?
You may no longer have access to free emergency medical treatment and could be charged for healthcare. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is only valid until 31 Dec 2020.

Driving in Europe

Can you still drive or hire a car in Europe in 2021?
You may need an International driving license and/or additional insurance cover. If taking your own vehicle, additional documentation may be required.

Taking animals with you

Can you still take your pet on the plane with you in 2021?
Pet travel is changing and you will need to allow more time. The passport scheme will be replaced by a 4 month process.

Professional accreditation

Does your company operate across Europe?
You may need to check your qualifications are still compliant as of 2021. Check your professional qualifications are still recognised by the professional accreditations database.

Mobile phone charges

Will you be charged more to use a mobile phone abroad from 2021?
Roaming charges may be changing, you should check your contract before travel.


For wider Brexit business concerns, visit the Government Transition Website. You will also be able to complete the Transition Checker to see if your business is ready.

Should MIDAS clients wish to find out more, please contact your travel team. For any other enquiries, Get in Touch.