Cost-benefit analysis delivers big travel savings for asset management

Benchmarking Analysis for Asset Management Firm

A benchmarking exercise for an asset management client delivers savings while still offering quality of service

For one asset management firm, we completed a full review of their travel programme to identify opportunities to reduce costs. This included a comprehensive pricing exercise, traveller surveys and aircraft inspections.

The reports showed that there was extensive travel between the asset manager’s business hubs of London and Dubai.

Further analysis of the travel data identified one airline in particular that covered the London to Dubai route. This airline was more competitive on pricing and offered a superior service. In addition, this airline could also deliver additional value added benefits, including limousine transfers and regional departures.

Following our cost-benefit analysis, we continued to review our recommendations and gauge traveller feedback.

By recording year on year results, we were able to demonstrate significant savings through the adoption of the new airline.

Specifically, we were able to show a 4% saving against the next most competitive carrier, as well as a 9% year-on-year reduction of costs on the average ticket prices for the UK-Dubai-UK route.

In addition to the savings, the asset management partners also benefitted from the accrual of significant Skywards points by consolidating spend with one carrier.

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