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New York City, U.S.

U.S. confirms re-opening of borders to International travellers from 08 November

Following an 18 month International travel ban, The Biden administration has today confirmed that they are planning to re-open borders to EU and UK travellers from 8th November.

At present, the new rules only apply to those people who have received a full Covid-19 vaccination. There will also be track and trace systems in place for all visitors.

Any travellers entering the U.S. will need to:

  • show proof of full vaccination,
  • arrive with a negative Covid-19 test result taken in the three days prior to arrival,
  • wear a mask throughout the complete journey, and
  • share their email address and phone number for track and trace identification

The timing of the lifting of restrictions will enable non-essential travel into the U.S. just in time for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays.

Reports have cited that there will likely be some exceptions to the new policy, namely for children who are not eligible for vaccination.

According to a BBC Report, ‘It was not immediately clear if the new rules applied only to US-approved vaccines, with Mr Zients saying this would be determined by the US Centers for Disease Control.’

Airlines are reacting quickly to the news by re-instating popular transatlantic routes and beefing up schedules.


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