Why MIDAS Travel is loving being 25

MIDAS Travel is 25!

MIDAS Travel is celebrating a big anniversary – 25 years. Young enough to change and adapt, old enough to know a thing or two. In this quarter of a century, we’ve seen a bit and so have our clients. But since our first booking on 21 August 1998, a few things have remained the same…

Our key to longevity comes down to three main elements; client partnerships, a stellar team and smart growth. Still privately owned by it’s original founder, MIDAS Travel continues to survive and thrive. And here’s how…

Client partnerships

We’re lucky and proud to say that we still have many of the same clients now as we did on day one. We put this down to a long term partnership approach, where working together helps us deliver on business objectives.

Premium business travel is all about going the extra mile, planning for the unexpected and creating little delights for our clients. We ‘take care of the journey’ for all stakeholders; including travellers, bookers, CFO’s and HR Managers.

Needless to say, all of this is made possible with support from our valued networks, partnerships and suppliers.

A stellar team

We’ve always been about people and relationships. Our travellers call our team anytime 24/7 and they know there’s a familiar voice at the end of the line. 25 years says we know our clients pretty well.

A massive credit goes out to our team here. With 15 years + industry experience across the board, they’ve seen and delivered a lot. From booking patio rooms with all day sun, to writing business cases for pandemic travel, transporting furry friends halfway across the world, setting hotel room temperatures for arrival and even booking the odd hair appointment.

Thankfully technology is here to help, and it’s getting better by the day. But we believe you can’t beat experience when it comes to business travel management.

Smart growth

Flexibility, agility and sustainable growth are our mantras here. We choose technology that is both useful and used by our clients and team. We do the analysis, so data is meaningful and actions can be put in place.

Our consultative approach enables us to solves problems with clients, whether that’s consolidating expenses, controlling costs or helping achieve sustainability goals. And with impressive results.

As our clients grow, then so do we.

What’s next?

Who really knows what the future holds? But, what we do know is that 25 years delivering premium business travel has taught us a few things. Above all, that partnerships, people and making smart decisions are a solid foundation for great things to come.

Here’s to many more years of ‘taking care of the journey’.

Interested in a business travel partnership with MIDAS Travel? Then get in touch.